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Chip and PIN Processing

Chip and PIN Card ProcessingMore consumers enjoy the convenience of Chip and PIN and more merchants are discovering savings over other payment options. MOCA recognized the value of this payment option and has partnered with most all major Chip and PIN networks to manage merchant Chip and PIN transactions. The MOCA network is directly integrated with both national and regional Chip and PIN networks. That's why we believe MOCA offers lower prices and better service than any other processor, bar none.

ATM Chip and PIN and Check Chip and PIN Cards work like credit cards but are issued by a cardholder's financial institution and provide direct access to the checking account of the cardholder. Often ATM cards given to bank customers serve as Chip and PIN cards too. This greatly reduces the chance that a Chip and PIN transaction will be charged back because funds are directly withdrawn from the cardholder's checking account.

If you currently processing credit cards, in most cases, you can add a Pin Pad to your terminal to begin taking Chip and PIN immediately.

  • Potential to save money using a pin pad on all Chip and PIN card transactions.
  • Make money from optional cash back.
  • No chargebacks

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