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Clear Advantage Secure Payment System

Get The Clear Advantage!The ideal payment solution for small to medium-sized businesses, combining the latest technologies with a user-friendly, convenient design. With the Clear Advantage, small and medium business retailers can process a variety of different payment types, and with its small footprint, ensure that only a minimal amount of counterspace is used.

Whether your business is new to electronic payment processing, or you are looking for the best upgraded system available, the Clear Advantage offers you variety of features and configuration options, that are both state of the art and cost-effective.

The Clear Advantage is one of the most advanced payment systems available today, and it comes with several special features designed to help merchants process payments with ease:

  • Designed for Your Business
    An ideal processing solution for retail shops, restaurants, salons, convenience stores, or auto repair facilities.
  • Payment Types
    The Clear Advantage processes all major payment types, including credit cards, debit/ATM cards, gift/loyalty cards, smart cards, and checks.
  • SpeedMessaging
    Flexible messaging features allow merchants convenient communication support from the terminal directly with Momentum Payments Systems merchant accounts. Merchants can request supplies and customer support with the press of a button.
  • Scanning and PIN Support
    Check imaging and debit card PIN support for business that have expanded into check and debit acceptance.
  • Small Counter Footprint
    The compact size of the Clear Advantage makes it an ideal system for merchants who have very little counter space.


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