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Restaurant Payment Solutions

Restaurant Payment SolutionsMomentum serves up fast, secure payment choices - to go.

If you give them a choice, restaurant guests choose checks and debit cards as frequently as cash. Momentum can process both and deposits cash in your bank with no fear of chargebacks or checks being returned.

A wireless system would allow you to take orders and let your guests pay their bills right at the table, including tips and receipts.

Let Momentum help your business.

  • Accept all major brand bank and credit cards, debit/ATM cards, even the newest technology: smartcards, gift cards, checks and more
  • Faster table turns and more meals served increase average ticket and profits
  • Letting your customers choose debit can reduce processing fees
  • Check conversion allows you to safely take checks
  • Wireless Pay At The Table systems reduce errors, speed up turnovers and make your customers feel like honored guests
  • Fine dining, rapid service or anywhere in between: You can take advantage advances in new technology
  • We can help tailor custom solutions for your restaurant
  • Gift and loyalty card programs will bring your frequent guests back even more often

Momentum will get to know your business and your customers

  • Every business faces unique challenges. Momentum will custom build a solution for you
  • State-of-the-art payment processing systems
  • Systems are easy to learn for management and wait staff
  • Solid card fraud protection systems
  • Robust reporting
  • Technology created today with an eye toward the future
  • Age verification systems can help protect your business

Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes a clear difference - once you've experienced the difference you'll never accept anything less.

Start the account setup process in minutes; get your new merchant account within a couple of days.

  • Stay with your existing equipment solution or we can help you move up to a new standard
  • Industry leading pricing, and the best service anywhere.

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